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      Welcome to Sinclair Millworks, nestled in the little known northeastern corner of Vermont,
known as the Northeast Kingdom. This region is rich with some of the finest east coast
hardwoods found anywhere.

      All of our lumber products are from these northern Vermont forests and are as full of
character as the hills on which they grew.  Our lumber ranges from maple (curly/tiger, birdseye,
and blister) to birch (flame and spalted), cherry, butternut or even chestnut!

      Our small, family operation includes sawmill, kiln drying and re-saw shop complete with
planing and edging capabilities, so we are ideal for your custom needs. We currently supply
figured hardwood for furniture, woodcrafts and unique hardwood flooring.

      We are currently re-organizing our website, so please explore our site and check back
often for new updates. If you are in need of unique, hardwood lumber, have your own trees
you would like milled, or simply have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
        3020 Stanton Road
        Danville, VT 05828